A-Legend – My Diary @HeIsAl3g3nd


Enter the memoirs of recording artist A-Legend via his new Brggs directed video, “My Diary”.

I was so nervous and contemplating on releasing this song, cause I expose my darkest secrets, my insecurities and demons, in a era where hip-hop music you boast your self esteem or is dumb down, no one really cares unless your J Cole, Drake, Kanye, etc for you to spill your beans. Most artist won’t expose their darkest music until they seem to have gotten big n deep in the music industry. But this is what art is, this is what music is, expressing everything even if it’s dark. This song describes why I’ve been quiet for a while, why I’ve haven’t release for a while, what’s been going on in my life as I got older n through music. So Instead of exposing my thoughts on social media I did it on a song.

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