[LYRIC VIDEO] PaPa SHIRAZ -“SUMMER 2020″| @PaPa_Shiraz


International Superstar, PaPa Shiraz releases the lyric visual to his “Summer 2020” song

PaPa Shiraz makes uplifting music with a heart. He considers himself a rapper before a singer.so all of his songs have a story-like any story- there are chapters. PaPa is no stranger to the industry. He has songs like “For the Night, F*ck 99 and No Kiss” that are doing numbers on the digital music platform Spotify.
papa shiraz
PaPa Shiraz records a lot of summer songs. This time “Summer 2020” is a happy one. It’s about the upcoming summer and how it kinda failed-for obvious reasons. But it’s ok, we must focus and keep the high energy going!

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