MDTA – Suffocate @mdta666


“Suffocate” uses alleged murder as a muse and is inspired by the struggle of dealing with bipolarity – and the dark thoughts that stem from that disorder. The message that MDTA wanted to convey here is that yes, bipolarity is real, yes it’s an uphill battle to recovery and yes there are demons that exist (in your mind) that want you to fail. He wanted to express the reality of bipolarity and the difficulty that goes with fighting the demons that come with it. The demons that manifest as a result of bipolarity are very real and managing sadistic thoughts that come with it are a choice we have to make daily.

MDTA stands for More Dead Than Alive. Being More Dead Than Alive is a movement. I am a movement. This is definitely not a persona and its a whole lot more than just a name. More Dead Than Alive represents every person out here that considers themselves dead to societal norms and stereotypes. Being More Dead Than Alive endorses the fact that its ok to not be normal. I am not normal, I am not the norm, and my message begins with music. I love music and right now the best representation of my journey of self expression is through demonic, edgy horror aesthetics and dark trap.

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