Natural Ft Dvine – Count Me Out


An anthem for the underdog, “Count Me Out” was inspired by the times Natural has been doubted by his peers, friends and family pursuing a career as an artist. The track features not only a powerful message, but live saxophone talents lent by New Orleans based Dvine. Played over the beat Natural created, Dvine’s live sax takes a turn towards vocal melodic structure and this independent track truly becomes an alternative hip-hop feature between a lyricist and a woodwind.

Visuals shot by Jack Parker. Shot independently on several locations, from Everett, WA alleyways to the white room at Microsoft Production Studios, Parker paints a portrait complimenting the message of Natural’s work. The video uses Natural and his dog as a vessel of continuity that juxtaposes the stories of people experiencing life at its lowest points in the streets of a twilight urban landscape with the visual representation of succeeding in their goals inside of a never-ending white room. Following the story arc of several characters and inspirational figures that are quick to be counted out and dismissed, the work is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Based out of Snohomish County, WA, Natural is dedicated to build a brand for himself as an authentic representation of his musical talent’s ambiguity between Hip Hop and Rock. Originally a blues guitar player and singer as a youth, Natural incorporates many chord structures, melodic riffs, and instrument selections from his Rock based roots in facets of his production and composition. Natural is determined to push the envelope and release fresh sounding material within the continuity of his dual image of a rapper and a rocker by comfortably bouncing between traditional hip-hop sounds and crossover style tracks. A beatmaker and an Emcee, Natural not only writes and performs the lyrics on his songs, but creates the beat as well. Don’t miss the latest wave out of the Pacific Northwest.

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