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Jeremiah Onaje’ McCormick, born and raised in New Orleans, LA. The 10th born son of a family of 13. I was introduced to hip hop at age 8 by older brother and rap artist Percy aka 9th Ward Perseus. The very first song I memorized was “Scarface” off Geto Boys sophomore lp which played on the radio often. However, Perseus was my favorite rapper. I wrote my first rap verse at 13. I recited the rap to my older brother Perseus. Once I got his approval of the verse being “fire” I continued to write and create and I never looked back.

This was song was released Dec 22, 2022. The video debuted on Feb 3rd and debuted on World Star Hip Hop on Feb 8th
The songs angle is to influence the listener to continue through what ever tough time they are in. Not your average rainy day, I’m talking devastation,…heartbreak, near mental breakdown…homelessness,…the loss of a loved one….suicide attempts due to life’s pressure…near death experience. This song may not be for everyone….YET…being that you have to keep living and this song will become relatable. However, in the verses I rap about my personal experiences as an artist.

The reason I chose to release this song near the end of one year and the start of another, is because as a whole, people everywhere has gone through unusually tough times since the start of COVID-19 and its lasting affects. Not to mention, inflation, police brutality towards blacks, black on black crime, and the dumbed down overall substances of today’s hip hop/rap music. I felt a positive message of perseverance was needed at this time.
My music is for everyone. However, being a black male in America, I have special assignment to break the unhealthy cycle that my people continue to repeat.

IG: Onaje10
YT: Onaje10
my website: http://www.groundbreakin.com

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