Pharaoh Uchiha – No Shortcuts @Pharaohuchiha


“No Shortcuts” is a new video from Pharaoh Uchiha’s upcoming album, “Paradise Lost”. Shot by JR JuzReal in Memphis, TN.

Janiece Bell also Known as Pharaoh Uchiha is a Anime trap Conscious rapper from Houston, Texas. Using a hint of anime aspsects and street/trap scenery she has worked to create a very rare genre, perhaps first of its kind. Her influences include: Andre 3000 (who she openly suggests as her favorite rapper), Eminem, Kid Cudi, Fabolous, Missy Elliot and even crossing genres that include Prince, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and The Temptations.

She is also a songwriter and known for catchy, melodic, deep trance type hooks. She currently is rising on The Memphis scene and hopes to become “God Emcee” and inspire people to become involved with anime, good vibes and trap music.

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