Rit$y – Blast Off @CODENAMERITSY


Rit$y’s “Blast Off” video gives a feel of what it’s like to not be in tune with the real world along with good melodies and 180Dazz production to create a for sure hit.

For Los Angeles native Rit$y, music has always been a big part of his life and something he enjoyed. Being raised in LA County meant Rit$y was exposed to rap heavyweights from the jump and the LA culture engrained itself in him.
Soon he was a teenager hanging out with his friends, exploring their creativity and making music as a hobby. It didn’t take long for Rit$y to realize he had a gift, leading him to take his music much more seriously.

He hit the studio and channeled all his energy into his art, culminating in the 2016 release of his first project, an EP titled “When Pig$ Fly.” Inspired by those who doubted his skills and ability as an artist, he chose that name as a nod to the famous idiom that symbolizes how unlikely people thought his chances at succeeding in music would be.

The project was produced by Rit$y and Ninedy2 and its positive reception lead to several music videos and planning for even more. He used the momentum as fuel and released a second EP in 2017 titled “Don’t Look Down”. The project built upon the successes of the first EP and was also produced by Rit$y and Ninedy2.

It also showcased the evolution of his sound and growth as a rapper, with even more polished melodies and infectious music. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained since he started taking his music seriously, he’s now prepared to make his most complete project yet with his new EP, “Brain Sick”.

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