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RockSto’s ‘HELLO’ is a bass heavy, hip hop song with Metal undertones and a catchy hook. The video is a dark, semi-creepy trip with a hint of comedy and a dash of dissent. This is the first of a series of visuals to be released by RockSto during the summer of 2019.

There could be no better, or worse, time for an aggressive, genre bending African-American artist to debut his music (some with political undertones) than the summer of 2019. Houston, TX artist RockSto is doing just that releasing his first visual to a hip hop song with distinct Death Metal elements and a catchy hook entitled ‘HELLO’ at the beginning of June. Rightly so, RockSto plans on utilizing HELLO to introduce himself and his artistry to the world.

The native Houstonian has lived a protean lifestyle from a poor child to rich kid to poor adult to a meager middle class adult with an average income. Because of the fact that he has seen the world from so many perspectives he believes that he is truly a product of the USA. With hip hop and soul/R&B music being prevalent in his home during his upbringing, Sto was also introduced to other forms of music outside of the home from Queen to Beethoven to System of a Down to Howlin’ Wolf; all of whom he fell in love with. The musicians who would most inspire him would be well known acts such as Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Rage Against the Machine, and Xxxtentacion. All of the aforementioned artists challenge him to make timeless music. A challenge he believes he can live up to, in time. Last year Sto uploaded his first song onto Soundcloud which continues to accrue an admirable amount of clicks. The “chill-hop” song, called ‘Flooded,’ got enough clicks in a short amount of time to tell the not yet established underground artist that he was on the right track, so he got to work recording and planning his official debut as an artist.

As the world continues on its topsy-turvy path RockSto sticks to his own, staying very vocal and opinionated about what he understands to be true. As a hip hop artist he likes to include elements of comedy into his music saying, “most rap artists and fans take hip hop too serious nowadays.” Sto considers himself a “genre-fluid” artist, a term he became familiar with in 2018. He has a hilarious anecdote to go with his introduction to the phrase, but it is probably a story best suited for another time. Over the course of the summer of 2019 RockSto will release a series of multiple genre music videos to give fans an opportunity to see in more detail what he has to offer and what he will be delivering in the future.

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