Shon Weathers – Feng Shui @ShonWeathers


Shon Weathers drops “Feng Shui” filmed in New York City Times Square. Here, Shon displays his ability to be comfortable in any element as he interacts with Random People in New York City displaying his confidence within himself or his “Feng Shui” (the makeup or design of himself).

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Shon is not ashamed to admit he took a few pages out of the books of the heavy hitters of his city, both old and new. As the saying goes “study the best to be the best”. In doing so, Shon has created something that has become his own personal style. Something that bridges the gap between the younger generation and the “old heads”. Shon takes pride in being able to appeal to both, and wants nothing more than to touch as many souls as possible in a positive way. His music is one of, if not the best avenue to do just that.

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