Slater 17k – Get Silly

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Catch Slater17k getting head and eating a cheeseburger in his newest video. Titled “Get Silly”, Slater keeps the theme of the original song from V.I.C. alive and more.

Meet Slater17k: Born and raised in the #1 dangerous city in America… East St. Louis, Illinois. Slater emerges from the rubble unscathed. He’s a Full-time father of 2, well known active gangmember, and a 2x Convicted felon. Hes currently awaiting trial for Fugitive Robbery in Illinois. His highly anticipated mixtape “Jackboy Slater” was pushed back due to his 2 different felony robbery warrants in 2 different states.

Slater prides himself on his name holding weight in the streets and the work he’s put in, but unfortunately he lives his raps so he’s stuck in a cycle unless an opportunity arises. Slater’s here to take that chance, not for him, but for his 2 children, so they won’t ever be put in the position God has placed him in. Slater17k comes back to back punch after punch with lyrical content, and delivery. Slater meets all the qualifications to get a chance to get out of the streets.

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