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Over a year since the release of “I.B.O.H.”, Toussaint Lorenz has released visuals for his record, “Sauce”. Found to be one of his most popular records on the project, Toussaint had been writing the ideas and concepts for a over a year and building a budget to shot. The video follows Toussaint through exactly what he explains in the song; being caught in a world where police brutality is a norm and in many instances justified, along with wanting a fair shot to be heard, following a dream that many have deemed as a waste of time. He also explains how he feels about the current state of the delivery of music and the lack of interest people tend to display in music with substance, but would rather hear a catchy chorus and a beat with heavy bass. Much like the song itself. It’s a whirlwind of entertaining, funny, dark and in some cases intimidating visual content.

Toussaint Lorenz is a Colorado Native born in the heart of Denver. He was born to a single mother home when his father left while he was still a baby. His mother and him grew up in very impoverished conditions moving from home to home, while she worked full time and went to nursing school. They settled on the west side of Colfax for a period of time where Toussaint gained witness at a young age to pimps, gangsters, prostitutes, drug addicts and dealers and different variations of violence. While living on the west side he was regularly bullied and got in fights often. When heading into middle school, his mother moved him to Boulder, CO, but with the transition came a whole new culture shock. Suburbia. Toussaint went through middle school and high school not fitting in very well for various reasons and when he was 14 he met a group of kids that rapped. Being heavily envoloped in listening to Hip-hop music he began practicing it himself.

After High school due to certain complications he was unable to go directly to college and decided to focus on doing music even more. He ended up meeting with an Artist who had mutual interests and linked Toussaint up with a man who was later known as Bo$$man. Together they became 12 Bloxx High Ent. Along with a group called The Heavy Connection, and several artists named, M.O., G.I.P., and Chevy. Over the course of 5 years they did shows all over Colorado opening for acts like Black Pegasus, Top Flite Empire, Devin The Dude, Snow Tha Product, Rittz, Krizz Kaliko, Twista, Futuristic, and many others at venues such as The Roxy, The Cow (closed), The Gothic, Casselmans (Closed), Toads Tavern, the Fox Theater in Boulder and several other venues as well. They also released several projects such as I C Hot vol. 1 and 2, The self titled project “The Heavy Connection”, the self titled project “Mr. Deuces”, and several other projects. After some legal troubles Bo$$man was sentenced and sent to prison and with that many of the other artists dispersed either to prison as well or to follow other ventures.

With the incarceration of Bo$$man, Toussaint decided to rebrand the image of 12 Bloxx and rebuild. From there he dropped April Baby which was a compilation of songs that had been recorded over a two year span. While it was received well, the response was small. After that Toussaint set his sites on finishing a project he’d been working on and collecting beats for since he was 18 that was known as “The Common Touch”. Exclusively produced by a local producer named DOKBeats out of Aurora, CO, and engineered by Robert Lucas with RJL productions and Mc Uriah. The project was released June 10th, 2016 after several date set backs. While recording “The Common Touch”, Toussaint began working on a new project. While he loved “The Common Touch” he did recognize that it was more for “hip hop heads” and he wanted to have something more relevant. This is how I.B.O.H. was born. With the goal of releasing within a year of “The Common Touch” release, Toussaint got straight to work and began recording at KMG studios with their head engineer Jeff Tanner. Carrying features from some of Toussaint’s favorite artists such as Mc Uriah, Fellow 12 Bloxx artist Rico Stokes (Aquop Stokes), Hazy from O.B.E., AP from Squizzy gang, and Trayce Chapman, I.B.O.H. has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response and he was able to release it the same day that Bo$$man was released from prison. Now, with I.B.O.H. being released his goal is to continue generating momentum and pushing to make his music get heard and enjoyed by the masses.

Since the release of I.B.O.H. he’s also done several shows including curating an event called “Fresh Air”, which was held at KMG Studios as well, with the help of the team at Queen City Hip-Hop. The show reached just under capacity for the venue and was widely successful with the help of performers, Riaga, Melough, and Hazy. He has also since left 12 Bloxx High Ent. and pursued his own venture with I.B.O.H. Entertainment. Moving forward Toussaint intends to continue collaborating with other creatives, perform and has even stated he’s finished writing his next EP and is making some background adjustments before getting ready to record that.

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