Walt Trab – Freestyle @IAmWaltTrab


Breaking into 2019, Walt Trab wanted too not only provide a new sound but also give hard hitting bars, “Freestyle”, came together in a matter of 10 mins from start to finish. With a melodic chorus and punchy verse Trab left nothing to imagination as to his thoughts on the current state of rap, R&B and what he’s been faced with in life thus far and the people around him. 2019 will be a great year for Trab.

Walt Trab is an up and coming artist originally from Milwaukee, WI. He has been creating music seriously for 6 plus years now. Walt inspirations growing up includes Lauryn hill, Bone thugs , Tupac and all forms of soul music.

Walt Trab has been noted for his strong variety of styles & and tones, ranging from the melodic singing, with his fast switch of patterns of rapping styles.

Walt has performed at multiple venues in and out of the country, including Australia, Brooklyn, New York,Philadelphia,St.Louis, Atlanta,New Jersey,North Carolina,Texas, Minneapolis & St Paul, MN, Duluth, MN, Milwaukee, WI, Washington /Oregon , California and multiple parts of Canada

With over 90,000+ views on YouTube, Walt Trab is still promoting his tenth album “Trab4Short 2” and currently working on his set to release album “E.G.O” (evolve, Growth, Opportunity) this coming year. With Walt Trab quickly streaming through social media, he plans to continue to be an inspiration to others through music as he continues to write, produce, and perform.

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