WordPlay A – African No American @WordPlayA203


African No American from WordPlay A is a song with a question. Why don’t black people say their African? We all say African-American as we separate ourselves from African culture. The education on Africa for WordPlay was minimal. As you notice he accident calls Africa A Country.

He noticed the mistake after recording and was ready to fix it. He realized the mistake fits the song. Our knowledge of Africa is so poor that many people make this mistake knowing that it is a continent. Africa is promoted like a small poor country. There is a lot of diversity in Africa but we would never taught. African No American challenges the way we think as a culture.

WordPlay a is a recording artist from Connecticut. He is a philosopher with a flow. He has a unique perspective on many topics including love, politics, and more. He does not hold back. Anything on his mind gets recorded. He Has released 5 projects in 15 months (4 in 2018). He has been featured on Sway in the Morning and Bars On 195. He floods the market with content and is improving with each release. His latest single “African No American” has been highly praised. His video snippet of the song was archived on Instagram 444 times and reached 1000 likes and 9000 views in one week.

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