YaBoyShizo – BussDown @YaBoyShizo


YaBoyShizo presents the self-directed, self-produced visual for “BussDown”.

YaBoyShizo is a current Florida based Artist/Producer who’s been making waves for sometime now. Growing up and hailing out of Boston and it’s surrounding areas YaBoyShizo Has been known to make Melodic Tunes such as “She Says I’m A Dog” that catches the precedence of being called a dog taking light on the subject in an awesome simile to the idea.

On the Other end YaBoyShizo performs street level Bangers Like “Bando” with the northeast influence of raw, uncut, straight off the block-work with lyrical wordplay that sets a dope edge to the sampled beats raunchy millennium era of hip hop influences. As of now projects from YaBoyShizo. You can be found almost anywhere digitally distributed. his variety of versatile hits easily catch the ears of his cult-like following.

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