YoungL – Vibez @TheRealYoungL1


“Vibez” from Young L is a track that has more energy than any other track you will ever hear. With a track that you can listen to whenever, it has the best vibe and an outstanding presentation in the video. “Vibez” is a track along with the video that you can dance to, get lit to, but also sit back and relax with your homies. Keeping up with new hiphop music it sets it’s own vibe and flow and it something you might have never heard.

YoungL, a 16 year old high school student that is from Brooklyn, New York is releasing some heat. Real name Nicholas Logan Ram he is currently attending high school, while working, and making music. It all started with freestyles with him and his homies to recording at his house with a RODE-NT USB mic. He is now hitting studios around his area and making music videos. Him and his friends are currently taking the independent route with united masters and are deciding to build their own label called “LoyaltySquadEntertainment”.

Him and his friends believe it will take time but they would rather want to go the independent route and build from the ground up. At a young age he had dreams of becoming a NHL player but later found out that he loves making music and will pursue this as his dream. Whether people hate it or love it he will keep pushing to one day make it to the top charts along with his team. As an artist he just want to make music that everybody will enjoy and love.

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