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Rap is a game like chess is game, sometime you need to move back to move forward, sometimes the whole board is set up for you to fail but you still have to try because there still is a chance that you will win. This expression fits perfectly with up and coming rapper producer Benkasso because he has moved all across the board but after making all those moves, after all that time, he is ready to takeover and win.

I had the pleasure to interview him.



Q:What is the name of the project that you are working on and why did you choose that name?



A:It’s called Redemption Of Soul.
I came up with the name because it originally was an EP created when I thought about giving up on music because of a lack of equipment. I wanted to redeem myself personally from a spirit of quitting. Since then it’s become even more special after losing a close friend.


Q:Waka Flocka Flame has been getting a lot of endorsements recently, extending his brand all the way to cough drops! Would what products do you think that your brand would fit well with?


A:I can’t really say what merch would fit best with me other than the regular things: shirts, styrofoam cups, hats, etc – until my fanbase is bigger/solidified.


Q:What are your favorite producers and artist to work with?


A:Personally I don’t work with too many ppl outside of Pearl Gang. T23zy, Brandon E, Tray da Kid. We’re all we got (literally). My primary producer is Durty D. He’s produced more songs for me than I have myself. Great young kid with great talent. His production is extremely cohesive with my sound.


Q:If you could work with anyone dead and alive who would they be?


A: If I could work with anyone I would have to go with Kendrick Lamar


Q:What about Kendrick Lamar makes you want to work with him?


A:I relate to a lot of things Kendrick talks about. Also, I think some things I do rapping & production wise could be really cohesive to his music. We’re talking about (arguably) the best out & maybe of all time one day. I think for any artist it would be harder to explain why you wouldn’t wanna work with him then why you would. His music, message, etc is pretty much self-explanatory.


Q:What is your perfect idea of a great turn up?


A:Since college I’ve lost all enthusiasm for clubbing so a great turn up now for me would be a dope kickback. Great mix of ppl, good drink & smoke, dope convos. That’s a great time in my book

Q:Are you interested in the production side or becoming a solo artist?


A:I’m already a solo artist. I started out producing and I still enjoy doing it but, rap is my main focus right now. Of course In a perfect world I wanna stick with both but we’ll see how it goes down the line.


Q:What kind of student were you and did you enjoy the college experience?


A:In general, I think I was a hard worker. I was dedicated for a long while but my heart just wasn’t in music education. I wanted to major in something like music technology or business but it wasn’t available at SU. Aside from that I did enjoy the experience. Nothing like being black & going to a black school. Had some wild & great times.



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