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    Back in 2012 Joey B of North Chelmsford, MA (A small town 25 minutes north of Boston) burst into the underground hip hop world with his debut project ‘Closer 2 Closure’ whch featured fan favorites “To The Top” “My Journey” and “Closer to Closure” the album featured Mass hip-hop mainstays Termanology and REKS.  C2C gained many accolades worldwide… For a debut project by somebody nobody has ever heard of.
    Fast Forward 5 years, a few personal probems and a dozen singles later and here we are, Joey B is releasing “Closure”.  This is what true progression looks like, C2C had a couple very high quality appearances from regional artists as well as some really good music on it but ‘Closure’?  Closure, takes Joey’s credibility and career to another level.
    For Closure Joey pegged Joe Budden, Kxng Crooked, Trev Rich, Slaine, Tsu Surf and Pace Won for guest appearances.  If those names don’t spark your interest, please see a doctor to make sure you have a pulse.  On top of the household artist names Joey also pegged several superstar producers such as C-Lance, Bessed By The Beats, Dark Night, Mikey Bingo and Myster DL.
    Closure seems to be a perfectly fitting title for this album as all 12 tracks on the album speak upon real life events.  Each song references various different situations Joey has dealt with from drug addicition to Crohn’s Disease to Bi-Polar disorder to Stage 3 Kidney disease and of course relationship struggles.  On the track ‘So many thoughts’ Joey explains how at a young age he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, put on strong medications which eventually lead to full on addicition.
    The album kicks off with the song “Blacklist” which is an in your face quick intro banger that really grabs the attention of the listener and pulls them in.  In a rare situation these days all 12 tracks have replay value which is very rare as of late, Other stand out tracks on the album include the super radio friendly track “Wrong Time” (Ft. Trev Rich & Red Pages) “Better Off Apart” “By Myself”(Ft. Joe Budden) “Rock Bottom To Back” (Ft. Slaine) and the already fan favorite track and next singe off ‘Closure’ “Trust Issues”.  It would also be criminally wrong to review this album and not touch on the title track “Closure”.  The song is a dedication to a significant other that Joey lost in August of 2016 due to complications with addiction, it is one of the most heartfelt songs, not only on the album, but that you wil ever hear.
    The overall vibe of Closure is a mix between past tragedies and future happiness.  Joey B has been an open book since entering the scene back in 2012.  Fans love and relate to his honesty, in 2017 when hip-hop is more of a circus act than an intimate glimpse into your favorite artists life, Joey is not only still allowing people in he is also staying true to lyrics, story telling and making quaity music.  We look forward to the response Closure receives as well as what future endeavors Joey has in his future as he has hinted at experimenting with new sounds.
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