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    Brooklyn rapper LYNX SUPREME continues to flex his versatility and ambition on his latest single, “WGM/Bathing Ape Monster,” ahead of his much anticipated Winners Never Lose EP.

    While the track boasts the type of bass made for rattling trunks and club speakers, “WGM/Bathing Ape Monster” also carries a tone that’s equally melodic and contemplative. There’s a feeling lingering within LYNX’s lyrics and vocals that points to something deeper and more pained beneath his braggadocios rhymes about his sexual conquests and signature killer style.

    And you can especially hear that when the Brooklynite raps “Feelin’ like Biggie in ‘96,” a line that’s both boastful and reflective. That’s because even at the height of his career, the Notorious B.I.G. was always cognizant of his own (sadly impending) mortality. It’s that combination of bravado and being self-aware that grounds a track like “WGM/Bathing Ape Monster” while also pushing it forward.

    You can listen to “WGM/Bathing Ape Monster” now. Winners Never Lose is due out later this year on LYNX’s own Winners Circle Music Group.

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