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A member of the  Bay Area Thizz Nation movement 925five Records  925 crew  and a solo artist , Montana Montana Montana #RNAR REALLY NOT A RAPPER and airport life style Sleep Dank combines the MACLAFORNIA  hometown   favored sound of hyphy fun club with a darker, more street-flavored style of rap. with Their self-assured and cocky get money  attitude. This album will motivate you with great vibes. Pezzy Montana’s has been everywhere After launching his solo career in 2014  with the J-Diggs Presents Really Not a Rapper album.  Sleep Dank  rose to Music fame with hits like   “Hoes We Like” off the highly glorified MAC DRE album . MACLAFORNIA  is a must listen to project hosted., if you have SNAP CHAT  follow them @PezzyMontana and @SleepDank
tracklisting :
1. Maclafornia Intro
2. The Collateral
3. Two On One
4. Louie Shades ft. Da’Unda’Dogg
5. Just Wanna
6. Pussy Aint Life ft. Louieville Slugga
7. Talk That Money ft. Da’Unda’Dogg
8. My City ft. Da’Unda’Dogg
9. Intangible (skit)
10. Stay Pimpin Maclafornia ft. J-Hype
11. Summertime
12. Colgate (Flight to Boston) ft. Cool Nutz
13. Real Street Activities
14. Murder Book ft. 2nd Nature
15. Maclafornia ft. Coolio Da’unda’Dogg
16. Roll With Me ft. Bully Wiz

Album: Montana Montana Montana & Sleep Dank – Maclafornia


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