New Music: Bri Biase – Hard Lemonade | @bribiase


New Music: Bri Biase – Hard Lemonade

Illinois born rapper Bri Biase has made her mark in the music industry since coming to Atlanta in 2016. Growing up as the only girl in her family with a musical interest , she began her music career after watching her brother rap in their basement. Gritty, fearless, and cutthroat in her lyrics she began to gain recognition quickly by female and male fans alike.
Multitalented in her craft, Bri Biase attended school for audio engineering, learning the ins and outs of the technical side of music. Often recording herself, she has mastered many genres such as Rap, Pop, RnB, and even EDM, and has no trouble keeping up lyrically even in the male-dominated industry.
Check out her new project right now by clicking the link below.

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