(Paparazzii Ready Exclusive) Dlux Talks About Celebrate Music Video And Her Upcoming Project |


(Paparazzii Ready Exclusive) Dlux Talks About Celebrate Music Video And Her Upcoming Project

  1. Break down your name and how you came up with it.

Ahh Dlux.. My full name is Lori DiSanti. Growing up, close friends would call me Lo but it never stuck growing up like some childhood nicknames do. I took the first letter of my last name “D” and the first letter of my first name “L” and wanted to add some luxury to I, hence “Dlux”.  I rap, but I also sing, I’m older so I have my fair share of street smarts but often find myself stuck in the middle of the ages of music, which for myself, has worked out in its favor.

  1. What is the most fulfilling thing about creating music and how does creating music make you feel?

I think I am fulfilled when I let everything on my mind out on paper. When I’m recording music, I am in my happiest place, mentally, spiritually, all of that. It’s a vibration, a good feeling and my way of expression. From my choice of track production, to letting my mind flow, to being in the studio setting and letting it out in the booth, to hearing how an engineer can make that all come together is such a satisfying feeling. I feel most like ME when I’m creating music, that’s how you know what’s for you.

  1. What are the pro’s and con’s of being a female hip hop artist?

Let’s face it, everyone is judgmental in their own way. Everyone will and is entitled to their own opinions. I taught myself very easily to know the difference between taking in genuine feedback and accepting any harsh judgment as the media puts forth a fake persona of what a female is supposed to look like, behave etc. I don’t do fake. Finding the balance and knowing thyself is most important to me. Let’s face it, females are winning right now in the music industry. I try to bring forth diversity by just being myself and not try to sound like other artists, which I personally don’t believe I do. Having your own sound is a huge pro in this industry.

  1. You just dropped the video for “Celebrate”. What was the concept behind the video and why did you shoot it in Arizona?

“Celebrate” for me, is an anthem! It’s about freeing oneself. All the hard work that gets put in as an artist almost always goes without recognition. The video was freestyled because when you’re on a mission to ‘find something to celebrate’ most of those great times are nothing planned. I stole (borrowed) the ice bucket from my hotel to add to the drone car scenes which gave it the perfect celebration touch. The instrumental from Chicago producer, Mush Millions immediately caught my attention. I had to have that! As far as Arizona goes, it’s on my top favorite places to get away and have peace and serenity. I chose Yungg Budde to feature on this track for two reasons, he’s a dope artist that works super hard and I knew his sound could bring this song to life. He resides in Arizona and I wanted to take a trip and knew with some dope visuals (thank you Audio Visual Cult) that this track and video would blow!

  1. If you were to do a remix to “Celebrate”, what 3 female hip hop artists would you put on the record and why?

This is a tough one! I appreciate the female talent that resides in Chicago. It is unmatched. For this track, it has more of a pop sound, however, I don’t think I would have any well-known female hip hop artists do a remix. I would honestly go on a hunt to find some underground talent and possibly choose some pop singers to remix this. Nobody well-known, I feel like there is so much talent to be discovered out there.

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