Video: Flawless (@FlawlessRI) – “Pressure 6”


New heat from Flawless who releases video for “Pressure 6”. In the video, Dr. Real finally locates the “Flawless antidote” at an undisclosed location but is surprised when Flawless takes him on a journey into his mind to further understand the cure! Check out the video for “Pressure 6” below.

You’ve probably heard, or even used, that classic phrase that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, we dare you to believe in that quote after listening to what Flawless puts together with 1,000 words or even just 16 bars. Because anytime time you hear this future rap phenomenon spit, you’re going to feel like you’ve watched an entire film instead of just staring at one picture.

Born Alberto Martinez and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Flawless never let being from America’s smallest state keep him from adopting a global mindstate. The seed was planted early as he was exposed to music and travel at a young age by his step-father who worked with a tour bus company that transported rappers like Nelly at the height of his stardom. Seeing what it was like to be a working musician going from city-to-city inspired Flawless to take his passion for making music and turn it into a reality of his own.

“I was on my own a lot as a youngster and used poetry instead of violence to get my emotions out,” he says. “When I started making actual songs, that’s when I grew as an artist.”

So at age 16, Flawless began writing and recording his own music. Word would travel fast throughout Providence about his skills and before long he was a local celebrity. But with no real Hip Hop infrastructure in place to support his burgeoning career, Flawless packed up his things and moved to the musically fertile soil of Atlanta in 2010. Almost immediately, Flawless made his presence felt. Because while many rap artists who move to the Southern Hip-Hop capital look to blend in, Flawless made sure that he stood out.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that my music would be different from what was out there,” he says. “I saw that as an opportunity to make a name for myself. It worked out because I wound up being embraced for being different.”

As soon as he touched down, Flawless immersed himself in the new environment and became a known fixture in the city’s hyper-competitive open mic scene. Awareness of his music also increased due to his relentless promotion in the streets passing out mixtapes. Then after just two months of living and working in Atlanta, Flawless’ skills as a rapper and performer won him an opportunity to perform at Atlanta’s biggest annual concert, Hot 107.9’ Birthday Bash. In what happened to be the 15th edition of the concert, Flawless saw himself catapulted into opening for and sharing the stage with the likes of Rick Ross. On a bill that featured a wide spectrum of artists ranging from Gucci Mane to Ludacris, Flawless fit in perfectly leaving a lasting impression on the 20,000 fans in attendance.

“I take pride in not being one dimensional,” he says. “You can find something in my catalog for every emotion. I have music for cleaning the car and going to the gym. It can’t be categorized.”

Over next few months Flawless’ reputation as an energetic performer earned him spot dates opening up for Public Enemy and Wu-Tang Clan. Then in 2011, his diversity was soon noticed by independent Hip Hop juggernaut Tech N9ne.Flawless opened for Tech at an Atlanta show date and impressed him so much that he was invited to join him on his 40-plus city “The Lost Cities” tour.

The exposure to new audiences not only strengthened Flawless as an artist, but also a businessman. In the six years that he has been rapping professionally, Flawless has dropped six mixtapes and a full length album all while touring with no major label support. Flawless has also continued to give show-stealing performances opening for Joe Budden, Fabolous, Waka Flocka Flame and French Montana. He’s also established a cult following on Youtube thanks to high-quality concept-driven videos for songs like “Doctor” where he raps from the perspective of a surgeon looking to save Hip Hop from dying, and “Pressure 6” where he plays the role of both therapist and patient.

For now, Flawless is still considered a “new” artist. But he is already armed with the wit, emotion and lyricism of an elite MC. So if you can, make a mental snapshot of him now while he’s “new.” Because with his upcoming album set to drop this fall, Flawless’ position in Hip Hop is only going to rise even higher. Picture that.

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