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New Mixtape: JuliaDale – Breakpoint

Born October 19, 1997. Born and raised in Hollywood FL. At 12 years old I dedicated my life to tennis and becoming the best. I left school to do online school for all of high school. Left behind friends, social life, and even family. My life revolved around tennis. Throughout those years there were a lot of ups and downs. And at the age of 17 I was in such a bad place mentally I couldn’t talk to anyone, didn’t trust anyone, and didn’t wanna be around anyone. I stopped listening to people and started following my on rules.During that time a lot of colleges were contacting me to play for their team, but I wanted nothing to do with college. Until I met in person with one coach who was so genuine and explained to me the resources and actually got me excited. So I ended up committing to them and receiving a full athletic scholarship for tennis. Around that time is when I also started writing a lot of music. Then things got real; It was one weekend that I was in the semifinal of a women’s open when I went down. And the first thing I thought was, “please let me be hurt enough to have a week off.” One week later we get the call that I tore my ACL, sprained my mcl, and slight tear of my medial meniscus. Aka you won’t be better for a year and you need surgery. I wasn’t even slightly upset. It was a relief to know I would be able to decompress. So I continued writing song after song after song, but I wanted more.  So long story short I was able to meet a man through other people, named Periko, who I began working with. He took a big chance on me; I couldn’t play any instrument, my voice wasn’t developed, and I had no experience; but I had a lotof songs and a lot of passion. When he made the decision to work with me, I told him, “we have 6 months are you in?” Because I would have to leave for college by then. He was in. He mentored me and helped develop me as an artist. Slowly my passion shifted from tennis to music. Everyone I met and worked with showed so much love; I became addicted to music in a blink of an eye. I started teaching myself guitar and staying up until 3am trying to understand music theory. I started working with a vocal coach. And just like that I submerged myself into music. And right now I’m stuck in between tennis and music, everyone is trying to tell me what to do, but they don’t know I already know what I want. And when I want something…it’s simple; I do whatever I can to get it.

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