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Video: Justin Love – Stress No More
Video: Justin Love – Stress No More

Video: Justin Love – Stress No More

It’s rare but every now and then, a young artist emerges with the vision that challenges the norm and shapes the landscape of music. That young artist is Justin Love. At the tender age of 19-years old, this New Jersey native has enough talent, creativity and charisma to capture the hearts of fans and keep them singing and dancing. Justin, who’s a self-taught singer, songwriter and producer, began maneuvering around music at a young age. He started singing when he was 4, began writing songs when he was 10, began producing when was 12 and started engineering his own music when he was 16.

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Native to the home of legendary music artists Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Lauryn Hill and more, Justin understands that despite the legends before him, New Jersey is an underrated after-thought when it comes to producing stars. Don’t get it mistaken; he’s not shying away from the challenge.

“I feel like I’m a Jersey underdog, you feel me…I’ve been grinding for a minute.” Love said in the closing moments of “Mystery Girl,” off his ‘Dreams of Love II’ (EP).

Justin has absolutely been grinding for a minute. In the last year alone, Justin went from performing at local talent shows to garnering a near cult-like Internet following. On a nightly basis, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find his 100k+ followers on Instagram hanging by a thread, waiting for his next 15-second cover.

On August 2015, Love released his biggest record to date, “Stress No More,” off ‘Dreams of Love II.’ The record served as a defining moment for Love as it highlighted everything that makes him great. He produced the record, wrote the lyrics and engineered the final version. It currently sits at 224 thousand listens on Soundcloud, and the music video, directed by Justin Love as well, is at 83 thousand views.

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