Markus – No Feelings


Markus is an emcee out of El Paso, Texas but born in Savannah, Georgia. Markus found love in music at a very young age. Music is a huge outlet from his life and in his music you can learn more about him and maybe even yourself. He creates music based on his own experiences or a close friend or relative, all in which has some connection to his emotion. He creates music for the average human to let them know they aren’t alone and he’s human just like everyone else and to remind people that we all experience the same things. However when can get through them together.

His latest offering comes to us in the audio form, “No Feelings”. This project is a dark trap, melodic piece. It’s also a remix of partynextdoor’s song. Markus put his own spin on it speaking on his lack of feelings toward any enemy wishing on his downfall. Listen to the reworking below.

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