Mizzy Raw – TYVM (Loot) @IamMizzyRaw


Nothing short of a classic Mizzy Raw release, “TYVM (Loot)” echo’s the sounds and motives of the streets. Inspired by getting money and being a hustler with a new year ahead of us, it’s gotta be about securing the bag and the future ahead.

Mizzy Raw is a 26-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA, currently residing in Jacksonville, FL. Mizzy sent his career of with his release “Free” back in 2015. After he was shot and still continues to this day with that bullet in his spine, Mizzy has had to hustle and get back to where his destiny as an artist is meant to be.

Mizzy has created an organic and loyal fan-base with a true underdog story and mentality that’s worth sharing to the world. Mizzy brings a smooth and articulate style of songwriting that echo’s the brilliant minds of 2Pac and J. Cole. With a new year ahead of him and new material from the unsung hero, the industry will soon know who this young man is. Rawsh!t only.

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