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Dirashi is a 22 year old hip hop recording artist from a town called Merrillville, IN. While he lives in Northwest Indiana, he still spends a lot of his time in both Chicago and the surrounding suburbs due to family and friends he has living in the area. His 90’s influenced nostalgic vibe has him also sometimes referring to himself as ‘Virtual Boy’ (a 1990’s virtual reality console created by Nintendo), due to the dark, sad, nonchalant melodies his music typically gravitates toward.

However, his sound isn’t just influenced by modern rap, but also rock and alternative. He stems his sound from the gritty atmosphere of punk rock while also keeping the hip hop element intact to create his own unique sound. Even though he gravitates more towards autotune and melody, he isn’t one to slack when it comes to bars. Indulge in his latest cutting edge single, “Denial”.

Denial is a single I wrote & recorded about my ex and me being on the receiving end of a break up which in turn leaves me in denial. The song is split into two parts covering two different sets of emotions. The first half is more melodic and primarily covers sadness and confusion, whereas the second half is more bars and covers arrogance and frustration.

The second half is basically me “feeling myself” trying to get over the sadness I experienced early on. You know how you can just act like nothing hurt you in an attempt to rebuild confidence? Yeah that. The transition was done well in my opinion and instantly drops you from the cloudy atmosphere the first half gave you into a more rugged gritty environment.

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