Peach Tree Rascals – Ultra @peachtreerascal


“Ultra” is the latest single by the Peach Tree Rascals. The song, accompanied by the video, is an optimistic blend between singing and rapping. With the mesmerizing combination of harmonious chords and hard hitting drums, the Dom produced instrumental serves perfect grounds for the rascals to fill out the track with thought provoking verses and a killer hook. The video is a bouncy video filled with color and unique angles.

Peach Tree Rascals are the latest music collective to gain traction coming out of the California music scene. Their genre bending sound is a unique blend of singing and rapping combined with timeless production stemming from influence that ranges from jazz, funk and alternative. Visually, their colorful, personality filled music videos have led to a strong connection with their listeners. Comprised of five members, PTR consists of one producer/engineer (@DominicJPiz), one rapper (@IssacGSW), two vocalists (@JOZPTR, TARREKINFINITY), and one graphic designer/director/photographer (@JorgeOArt). Located in San Jose, California, the group met and became close during their high school years, laying down the foundation for their trust and chemistry. Together these creatives form to create a completely DIY listener experience, expressing themselves and encouraging liberation from society’s norms and pressures.

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