Wabi Sabi Gvng – Telemundo @WabiSabiGvng


As music develops, cultures unite. The everlasting world of rhythm and poetry continues to fuse various cultures into one and create an irresistible feeling you know as music to your ears. Wabi Sabi Gvng’s “Telemundo” does just that. A positive view on women while uniting the Hispanic, American, and African diaspora. “Telemundo” is an international hit that comes complete with a Yves Genius directed visual.

Wabi Sabi Gvng is an Afro-American Pop/Rap duo coming out of Omaha, Nebraska. Members, Yves Genius and Richie Ricky who are originally from Ivory Coast and Liberia, have made home in the states as youngsters. As they emerge into the American music scene, they are a wave of their own. Wabi.Sabi Gvng’s very unique sound proves that they are the anomaly the world of music awaits. As true magicians of their craft, the multilingual duo unites the eastern and western hemisphere and ignites the international music scene.

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