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Tha Genius - Truth Love & Lies
Tha Genius - Truth Love & Lies

Track: Tha Genius – Truth Love & Lies

Tha Genius (Gerald Thomas) is a multi talented producer, songwriter, singer, & engineer from Florida. In 2012 Tha Genius began to go through a series of life changing events from divorce, revealing he had another child while being married, and even being homeless. The pain of watching his then wife lose all sense of hope, Love, & security is what inspired him 3 years later to begin recording his album Truth Love & Lies. In this album he stays true to R&B and talks about how he fell in love with someone else while being married but also talks about how karma came back to haunt him when what he did to his ex wife was being done to him by this new lover. In a statement Tha Genius says, ” Although going through this situation damaged a lot of people, going through this is what made me become a man and now im able to show my two young kings the right way so they dont have to follow in my footsteps.” The album was released under his own label Tha Originalz Music Groups (most notable for signing Brian Angel of Day 26 in 2015) on April 29th and is available on all digital outlets (physical product available online) and will soon be available in stores located in the south!

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