Track: Sleepy – Turn It Up Featuring Pastor Troy | @Sleepy334

Sleepy - Turn It Up Featuring Pastor Troy
Sleepy - Turn It Up Featuring Pastor Troy
American Rapper “Sleepy” has been steadily dropping tracks since his move to Abu Dhabi. For a decade, Sleepy has traveled the globe picking up style influences and originating acts like “Tha Hustler’s Coalition (THC)” until finally landing in the UAE. Where once the Alabama native found his rap style (and his rap name) in his dreams, Sleepy now finds his muse in the upscale and exotic atmosphere of Abu Dhabi. Working with White Cube and Pure Sounds studios has enabled Sleepy to broaden his musical horizons and ambition, giving him a global-facing sound and direction. Today, he shakes up his flow with a touch of the ethereal while dipping into the Dirty South sound found in American artists like Yelawolf and Juvenile. His latest collaboration with Pastor Troy, Turn It Up, have produced a hot new single that is sure toturn it up in the clubs.
“I’m just trying to get what’s inside me out,” says Sleepy. “All this creativity keeps me up at night, scribbling raps and coming up with beats. Working with and collaborating with White Cube and Pure Sounds brought just the right energy out. I really think this is my best stuff yet.”
With hot tracks like “Home Run” hip hop and rap enthusiasts have some hot new tunes to jam to in the car or hit the dance floor with. Already Reverberation’s top rap artist in the UAE, Sleepy hopes to continue on with White Cube in creating an EP that will resonate both in the UAE and the USA.
Check out his new joint featuring Pastor Troy, which is called Turn It Up right below.

Track: Sleepy – Turn It Up Featuring Pastor Troy

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