Track: Trap House – No Fun | @IAMTHETRAP

Trap House – No Fun
Trap House – No Fun

Track: Trap House – No Fun

Tikey Patterson, A.K.A. Trap, “The Future Of The Southwest”, entered into the music industry for one reason, to make his mark on the entertainment world.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Trap had nowhere to go but up. At an early age, Trap discovered that music could be his way out of a bad situation. Listening to the likes of N.W.A, andJay- Z, amongst a host of others; Trap decided then that he wanted to become a household name. Trap started rapping at the age of 10, and has developed a versatile style and sound that places him in a unique class of his own.

Not your average artist, Trap has the ability to cross-over all regions of Hip- Hop, and make the track his own. From his grimy voice that stands out and grabs your attention, to his east coast or down south flow that gets you bouncing; Trap is a force to be reckoned with.

Standing at 6’4” tall and 255lbs, Trap’s music is a direct reflection of what his life experiences have been to this point. With every unfolding line, Trap takes his listeners on a journey into his world, and introduces them to his struggles and the hustles of dealing with everyday street life.

While performing on the local scene and perfecting his craft, Trap has been working on his demo to further showcase his talents as an artist. Trap is rough, rugged, raw and hungry for the spotlight. Trap takes his talents very seriously, giving 100% of himself when he writes and performs his music.

For anyone that has yet to experience Trap’s music, they are in for a musical ride. Trap is eagerly awaiting the day that he storms into the music industry, and changes the elements of the game. For those that have been waiting for the revival ofHip- Hop music, Trap is that breath of fresh air that this industry has been in dire need. Get ready to experience that many sides of Trap, Hip-Hop’s best kept secret.

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