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Video: Frosty the Knowmatic – What It Is

Frosty The Know-Matic just dropped a new Video called “What It Is.”

Frosty is on a mission to expose real hip hop and represent all the elements involved, MCing, Djing, B-Boying and Graffiti. Frosty’s latest release “Authenticated” continues that movement. The Authenticated EP is filled with Dj Premier/J Dilla styled beats produced by Steve Vicious.


“What it is” is the first video off the “Authenticated” EP.  This video was shot at various locations around the San Diego Area. In this Video Frosty kept it simple, no flashy cars, no girls dancing, no big fancy houses, just Frosty on location spitting lyics throughout the city.   The “What it is” Video gives you a good idea of what expect from “Authenticated” EP.


Frosty is a lyrical Mc, So most of the tracks are lyric heavy songs, composed on a 32+ bar verse, chorus/hook pattern.  The Authenticated a 6 song EP the showcases Hip Hop in it’s purest form. Frosty as an MC, refuses to compromise his integrity and foundation as a respectable MC/Lyricist. The “What it is”gives you an idea of what The Authenticated EP is about. If you are tired of the money, fancy cars, drug selling, stripper video’s and nonsense song lyrics, Then Check outFrosty The Know-matic’s  “What it is”video off the “Authenticated” EP.

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