Al The Carter – 2 Tone

2 Tone

Alvin The Carter, 18, was born in Ghana and raised in the Bronx. It’s been about three months since he released his first actual song and 3 months since he first stepped in the studio. His first time in the studio was April 29th, and on that night he had stayed in the studio from midnight till 8:30 AM and he knew he had fallen in love. From that point on he’s continuously been perfecting his craft with over 50 unreleased tracks under his belt. “2 Tone” was the fourth song he ever recorded, mind you that was his second time being in the studio. As early as he is into his career, he’s already going to fly out to Atlanta for his first show and another video shoot.

From the start, Alvin knew “2 Tone” would be a hit after he chopped it up in the studio and showed his friends who all felt the same, so he immediately dropped it and soon enough he grossed over 100k views on Soundcloud. The video was beyond what he had expected for a first-ever music video which was created by Next Frame, under his longtime friend Ethan.

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