SEAMUS – POISE @champagneseamus


“POISE” is SEAMUS’ second release and will be the opening and title track to his debut mixtape of the same name. Taking influences as disparate as British Grime, Bill Murray and Office Space, SEAMUS gives us his manifesto as to why he left his career of memos and stale coffee, for a career hunting ghosts and flexing Belgian threads and British loafers. It’s a fun song that speaks to his wide, trans-Atlantic influences, being an Irish rapper based out of LA.

SEAMUS is an LA-based rapper on track to becoming Ireland’s first rap Grammy contender since Samuel Beckett. His music blends the leading edge of American hip hop production with an Irish literary legacy and personal tales from the unlikely path that will lead him to the release of his debut mixtape “POIS”E in Q3 2018.

Just 18 months before, SEAMUS descended into a destiny-changing quarter-life crisis that propelled him out of the middle class ennui of a cubiclized career and unrealized dreams, into the eclectic world of underground west coast hip hop.

Early ’18 saw the release of hard-hitting debut single, “TRENDS”, closely followed by mixtape title track, “POISE”, boasting a captivating set of visuals shot in Downtown LA. As much about his mission as his music, his live show manifests an elegantly raucous Dionysian spirit juxtaposed to the Apollonian explorations of his lyrics.

Inspired by the “Happenings” of golden-era New York performance art, SEAMUS avoids the idea of spectatorship, rather seeing each live show as an opportunity to create inclusive, spontaneous, and unique experiences.

Expect, therefore, copious antics, copious theatrics, and, of course, copious champagne.

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