FRAN$E – illbealrightnow @ProdFranse


FRAN$E’s “illbealrightnow” was written around two main concepts. These being: self reflection and self isolation. These concepts are expressed in the music video through the use of, the mirror as a symbol of self reflection. And the forest setting as a symbol of self isolation.

The mirror is used as a symbol of self reflection. Everybody thinks about things looking at themselves in the mirror, so considering how reflective the song is on FRAN$E’s own experience, he decided to frame the video heavily around the use of the mirror. The mirror also serves as a separate window, allowing the audience to see FRAN$E the way he does.

FRAN$E chose to shoot the video in a forest to symbolize the theme of isolation within the song. The self reflection FRAN$E was undertaking lead him to become self isolating. This desire to be left alone is expressed through lyrics such as “Leave me to die, I’ll be alright now.” The lust for loneliness that the self reflection lead FRAN$E to, was the reason he chose to shoot the video in such an isolated location, as a visual symbol of the lyrics.

FRAN$E is an artist and producer originating from Auckland, New Zealand. FRAN$E was born on October 12th 1997.

After producing for three years as a side income, FRAN$E couldn’t vent his emotions to his full potential through instrumentals anymore, this lead him to begin writing and recording. Struggling to find the confidence to release his songs into the New Zealand scene he found inspiration in what other New Zealand artists/groups such as Pastel Embassy are doing.

Outside of the New Zealand scene FRAN$E found influence in a range of artists, bands and producers such as: Lil Uzi Vert, Fats’e, Guccihighwaters, Lil Peep, Safe Sin, Green Day, Blink-182, Smokeasac and Clams Casino. FRAN$E combines all these influences in both his production and vocals. These include deep 808s, whiny pop punk vocals, fast hi-hats and acoustic drums. Always creating a mashup of genres in one track.

Currently FRAN$E is working on a new EP and music videos to accompany it.

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