In the months of JrushCBT spent studying the industry, he quickly learned the taste of his generation. One day after a college class, Jrush was under the influence of marijuana and thought of banger song ideas. To not lose his ideas, he recorded himself saying the beat and flow to his songs. After doing that he took his thoughts to his friend who is an upcoming producer who professionally goes by GT3. Telling him his ideas, GT3 made his thoughts come to life. They made 3 beats. Next, he headed to the studio (for his first time) and made 3 songs, the second being “BANANAS”.

Justin Rush (born in Tampa, FL) is a American rapper professionally known as JrushCBT. Raised in a family of 4, Justin lived a average life and is someone who has always had a love for rap and put his time, work and dedication to get where he wanted to be. Although he had a love for rap, he knew his parents would never accept that from him. That’s one of the biggest reason he has got himself in this game.

He was a student athlete and played 4 years of high school basketball. 2 years at Wharton High School and his last 2 years at Wiregrass Ranch High School. As talented as he was at the sport, he felt as if he was forced to play it by his parents. After graduating he decided to live for himself. Rebelling against his parents Justin began to spend months studying the “rap game” and the industry itself.

Putting the place he eats, sleeps for free (his parents house) on the line, he began to skip his college classes at Pasco Hernando state college to go to studios and work on his sound. Which quickly led him to make his single, “BANANAS”.

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