Lil Ana – RocketPower2 @lilanatheman


“RocketPower2” is the 2nd installment of the original EP Ana released in September. The original featured the likes of Mackned, Crashjordy and 24k. Now this time, he taps in with Bandmanfari, VladHQ and once again Crashjordy on this 7 track EP. With 3 standout solo tracks this proves to be Lil Ana’s most solid project yet. On the production side this time though he chose not to go with big names but bring out his producers 310beats, Juvenilesam and Kozmoz.

Lil Ana (formally known as outtatownanakin) is a hip-hop/rap artist from St.Louis, MO. His earliest videos on YouTube can be traced back to 2014, soon after he served a 2 year stint in prison which may have been his only hold back. In 2016 he caught Elevator’s attention with his song “Finer Things” getting posted, now in 2017 he burst back onto the scene late July releasing his 1st EP project “Deadrightnow” with a few standout tracks, production came mostly from Lil Peeps old go to’s MoneyPosse (smokeasac & yung cortex) with relevant features Lil Tracy and Mackned (GBC). 2 months later he released “Rocketpower2”, a 7 track EP, on streaming sites. Lil Ana just dropped his project RP2 at the top of the year and if things keeping going how they are he will be a name in your playlist very soon.

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