B-Strilla Ft Jet Wavy – Bounce @1bstrilla


Born Bradley Juan Ellison in Hickory, NC on April 22, 1987, B-Strilla grew up on Center Street; the projects of Hickory. He used music as an escape to get away from the drug environment. He started making music in 2005, and met a partner that was making a record label. They named the record label Center Street Records. In 2006 they made the album, The Beginning that was produced by “Dj View” and put it in Best Buy stores. In 2009 the owner “Rabbit” was stabbed and killed. In 2010 the group went their separate ways, and B-Strilla went solo. Then he started his own label called Big Banking Entertainment with his longtime friend “Buttaman”. B-Strilla changed the name of the label after his longtime friend was hit and killed on a scooter by a car. He is now in the Atlanta, Ga location where he’s creating a huge buzz off his single, Bounce.

The song Bounce came about when B-Strilla says he stepped in the stripclub and fucked some money up. After the club he told his self it’s time to bounce back and then he thought that’s it bounce back off that ounce. B-Strilla went to the studio and freestyled the song and didn’t think nothing of the song. The song sat in the studio for over a year before he put it out. B-Strilla tells us one weekend he went to Spin on Peters St. on a Saturday and hooked up with DJ Mike Mars (A well known ATL DJ) the record went crazy. T

he song has grown legs and is becoming a crowd favorite. Now he felt it was time to put a visual for the hot single. The Bounce video features Jet Way “ The Blue Power Ranger” it is a funny comical music video. Also the video is one to remember it has a lot of bounce in it which means booty. B-Strilla’s hook repeats bounce back off that ounce meaning whenever you fall off you gotta figure out a way to get you some money. This video is definitely one to remember.

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