Omari Mydz – Groundwork @omarimydz


Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Omari Mydz uses captivating lyrics, unique melodies, and raw emotion to deliver a powerful yet authentic vibe through his music. Often referenced in his lyrics and the interviews he does, Omari discusses the experiences, stories, and circumstances he has overcome to help inspire those who are facing similar struggles. After the successful release of both his first music video and 2-track EP, Omari releases his first full length project titled “Groundwork.

“Groundwork” is a project conveying different emotions through different genres highlighting the experiences Omari has gone through in his life. It begins with him on top of the world before breaking down, and at the bottom he is able to recollect himself, and accept his wrongs. By the end of the project Omari has experienced the highs and lows of life, and has come to terms with his wrongdoings. Through unique melodies and sound, Omari displays versatility and captivates you with topics and feelings relatable to all.

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