Saiko Simm & Blairs – The Perfumed Gardens EP @saikosimm @blaiiirs


“The Perfumed Gardens” EP is a refreshing melodic lyrical driven approach to the world of hip hop from Saiko Simm an Blairs where some can arguably say its easier to go viral or blow in the social media decade but hard to stand out and separated from sounding like other artist. Chances are the slimmer than ever in a city like New Orleans where both artist are from who feel that the city hasn’t been up to par musically with the rising artist coming out of Atlanta, Cali, New York, Chicago, Florida, etc. Saiko Simm and Blairs combine with a strong amount of chemistry over 7 tracks ranging from down tempo to raging while consistently dropping singles as solo artist in their up and coming careers.

Saiko Simm & Blairs are 2/3 of the Sandbox Ent team aka ( the rockstar and pop star). Saiko Simm is like a balance of hot and cold waters, even though they’re the same substance but opposite in feel. Sim reflects his classic years of 2013 considerably as his hot side from street roaming , gun-play , “mob-tying” , etc until he promised his mother he’d fall back from the streets to focus more on school & ball. The few years after, dedicated on school and changing his situation for the betterment of himself were more of the colder days feeling a lack of keeping up with the streets. The passing of his mother and a few of his brothers to the streets is when life turned turmoiI, dropping out of school but making a promise to never turn his back on his hood again. Simm remains locked in with the musically with his eyes fixed on grinding, hardwork, and dedication. His musical inspiration comes from artist like Lucki X and Lil Uzi while utilizing the two different sides of his own life experiences, keeping a ear and heart low to the streets . He’s a pop star and a product of SANDBOX ENT someone ypu have no option but to feel.

Blairs is love and energy is everything. A spiritual being from an unknown planet who came crashing down from the stars. A rockstar at heart destined to roam the earth with a purpose to transform one’s energy and those around him sonically spreading the knowledge of love to every individual. Blairs music is a reflection of his love experiences, and past mistakes watching those closest to him abandon or give up to him taking him to a place were some don’t come back from facing inner demons and scars. He’s the third additional of the Sandbox Ent team and bringing the energy wherever he walks, from the booth to the spotlight.

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