Willie Waters – The Wave @WillieWatersDBD


“The Wave” is Willie Waters’ first full length LP. It consists of melodic flows over hard-hitting 808 beats. Throughout this project, Willie Waters finds creative ways to showcase his versatility. Songs like “Ride The Wave” and “More” displays his ability to create radio-friendly hits. While on “Turn Nothing to Something”, he boasts lyrically with word-play reminiscent of Migos’ Offset. When compared to today’s emerging artist, Willie Waters sets himself aside by sticking to his Bahamian roots and showing that he is not just a one-dimensional artist. If you like songs about entrepreneurship, bossing up, and self-empowerment then tune into “The Wave” and begin the journey of more success with Willie Waters.

Willie Waters is an emerging artist from a tiny island just 50 miles from the coast of Florida called Bimini, Bahamas. He moved to Broward County, Florida when his parents relocated in search of bigger opportunities for him and his siblings. When he was in the fourth grade, he found a passion for music after performing at a school talent show. The following year, Willie Waters began to write his own music. After spending countless amount of money that he had saved up for studio time, he thought it would be great to create his own studio right in the comfort of his bedroom. It was right there that he put in his 10,000+ hours and honed in on his skills writing, recording, and mixing all of his material.

This would pay off in 2010 when he was chosen to perform on BET 106 and Park’s Wild Out Wednesday segment. Not only did he perform, he won the competition and was invited back for a second performance. In 2015, Willie Waters graduated from FAMU with a degree in business. He plans on utilizing his degree to forward his career in the music business while expanding into other aspects of entrepreneurship.

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