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(New Exclusive Interview) Roc D Talks Music With Paparazzii Ready

1. What is the concept behind “Boy Toy” and how did the record come about?

I like to write songs that tell stories. Stories about real life situations that impact real people whether they be bad experiences or good in the hopes that someone who hears them will know they’re not alone and that they can bounce back from whatever happened in this case a horrible break up where the protagonist. (myself, VA Verse} is declaring his freedom from a deceitful woman.

2. How do you feel “ Boy Toy” will do in today’s marketplace and what do you feel it brings different to the music industry?

Boy Toy like most of my songs is a combination of today’s style of music and something you would hear in the 90’s  back when artist would sang not just sing. Its my contribution to trying to keep that era alive and still giving people what they want today. That being said, how it will do depends on who hears it. I think it will resonate mainly with the 25s and up crowd who have experienced things who been through similar situations.

3. You decided to put V. A. Verse on the record. Breakdown why and what you feel he brings to the record?

VA Verse Is a dope artist who has the ability to articulate and clearly say what he wants to get across to you while rapping. That in my opinion is a great talent to have. How many time do you hear the title of a song and the artist then jump around to 50 different subjects and never really discusses the topic, well he is the opposite of that and also has a sincere sounding voice to me.  On a side note, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well and new he wouldn’t let me down, hes one of those artists that you can ask for a verse and you don’t have to hear it first just tell him when the session start and hell show up and one take that shit and bounce and its fire.

4. What are your music goals , within the next 2 years?

I’m not really looking to get rich off this some men have other motivations. My main one is to leave proof that I was here, that I lived, and left my mark and when I leave this life I will be remembered. It would be nice to perform at some large scale shows and tour a little, but nothing major.

5. Why should be rock with Roc D’s music?

I’m gonna choose to answer your question with a few questions of my own if you don’t mind. Do you like to be entertained? Would you like for an artist to talk about more than drinking and popping mollys? if you answered yes to those questions then you want to hear my shit. also for me, when i hear that someone is bout to sing I look for them to SANG with there heart and soul. If i feel that way then other people do to I just have to find them.

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