Knocturnal – Air Force One Freestyle @Moobknochel69


Knocturnal’s new single “Air Force One Freestyle” is a quick off the top freestyle summarizing his life at the moment and where he plan on going as an artist. Coupled with a catchy, slight flexing hook over a bouncy soulful beat, the loosy will have you ready to start your day off kicking ass.

Knocturnal (Nathaniel Knochel) is a Rap and R&B artist hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the North Hills just 20 minutes outside the city, he saw how handed down wealth and prosperity to kids his age corrupted a large portion of the youth culture into directionless drug addicts. Overcoming a heart condition, being overweight and bullying from his peers Knocturnal began to find meaning in the deeper aspects of life.

He began examining his thoughts, perceptions on reality, and his small, messed up world in order to change his life along with the one’s he held closest. Focusing on hard work and discipline transformed Nathaniel’s confidence to finally get out and experience life to its fullest. Coupled by his love for rapping with his friends and a few major social failures, Knocturnal began writing raps during his Junior Year in high school.

Since then he has dropped his debut project “Senior Season”, multiple other soundcloud singles and is now working on his next album, “The Phoenix”. At the end of the day all Nate wants to do is shed light on his greatest shortcomings and wildest experiences in suburban culture to influence others to take responsibility for their lives in order to create their own personal heaven on earth.

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