KeKe Palmer and Brandi Harvey – Mother Daughter Retreat | @KekePalmer , @youngfitandfly


Actress and Singer KeKe Palmer, Sharon Palmer, Pretty Girl Problems and special guests

KeKe Palmer and Brandi Harvey – Mother Daughter Retreat | @KekePalmer , @youngfitandflyKeKe Palmer

“The Girl’s Guide To Finding Solutions is a 1-day retreat for mothers and daughters hosted by keynote speakers KeKe Palmer and mother Sharon Palmer. This event will shine a light on the most common issues faced by both mothers and daughters and offer a real world approach to solutions through conversation, dynamic speakers/facilitators, interactive role play, character building activities and communication modules. It is the goal of the retreat to eliminate blame, assign responsibility and identify common ground towards a life well lived. Each mother/daughter attendee will leave with a better understanding of themselves, a closer more open relationship with one another, support tools for use after the retreat and the ability to meet a host of new mothers and daughters facing similar challenges.

The Girl’s Guide To Finding Solutions will teach mother and daughter the following:

▪ The contagiousness of negative attitudes and how to eliminate them
How to love yourself and your personality
▪ How to ask for and get what you truly want from one another
▪ How to use forgiveness
▪ How to communicate with love, respect and boundaries”
This event was covered and photography by Chella Kemp

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