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Single – Swagga So Hard

(Los Angeles, CA) – After Yahoo Music’s premier of his first music video, “Swagg So Loud” ft. Jemere Morgan, new Hip Hop artist DUDEtheARTIST or “DTA” is releasing the song on all digital platforms. DudeTheArtist has tapped Jemere Morgan, son of reggae legend Roy “Gramps” Morgan, to deliver the infectious chorus “I bet that you can see me now/My swag is so loud/Their screams so loud.”- The overwhelming response from the video has forced Keynote Records to move the availability of the song up a week to capitalize on the momentum. http://youtu.be/KkdoAIOe_Dg

About DudeTheArtist (DTA)

DTA reigns from Palm Beach, FL and is undoubtedly charming, undeniably gifted, wickedly witty and slightly gritty. A part of the college scene, he represents a small breed of college-educated rappers, flowing from Palm Beach State College. His freshman project, Figure of Speech from Keynote Records will certainly make you a fan! The first single, coupled with the music video leaves no explanation as to why he is a guaranteed artist to watch.

DTA’s Figure of Speech EP, highlights his foray onto the music scene. The eight-song collection includes the title track “Figure of Speech,” “Right Now,” “Summer,” “Diss Love Song,” “Side Chick,” “She Got it All” and “Ode to the Legends.” The songs which were produced by DuBloise of Keynote Records showcases DTA’s clever word play and masterful delivery. His songwriting and lyrical display is skillfully intertwined among pulsating beats. For example, “Diss Love Song” is an artful response to a heartbreak from a failed relationship, while “Summer” and “She Got it All” are both fun loving renditions that complements the lead single “Swagg So Loud”. These help to prepare the listener for the grit and street credible “Right Now,” as well as “Ode to the Legends;” both of which DTA uses to pay homage to Hip-Hop industry’s heavy weights that he has tapped into.

DTA’s goal is to not just create music for audiences to hear and forget, he wants to create “mood music” that audiences will listen to and feel, even 10 years down the line. Dude confidently states, “There is a connection between my subject matter, delivery and the public. If I can provoke emotions and thoughts, then I’ve done my job.” With his effervescent charm and confidence beyond his years, he continues stating that in the future he sees himself “making hit music and expanding my brand into other ventures. I see myself on every top ten list with number one hits.” With his talent, level-head and drive, there is no doubt that this will come to fruition.



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