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Amiir Hasan

Fresh off the release of “In The Meantime”, Amiir Hasan presents the intro track from the EP, “Pretend”. The song is a lyrical flex and taunt to other individuals in the industry who may stand in his way and also doubles as a club banger

Amiir Hasan is a 20 year old artist and entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD. Coming off the release of his newest project “In The Meantime” a 4 track EP detailing his journey in the industry the past 2 years since moving to Orlando, FL. He’s been making music professionally for the 8 years starting with remixes to popular songs all the way to crafting out his own original sound which is showcased on 2016’s “Tell Me About Myself” released on his independent record label, “IDEA Records”.

In his early years, he began building a studio in his room to record himself and friends using a $100 microphone kit and ripped up Nike shoe boxes for the sound barrier . Before this, in order to get studio time he spent a lot of his days selling CDs, candy, mowing lawns and shoveling snow before he was old enough to get a job and eventually he saved up enough money to record an entire project at the professional studios in town.

Fast forward to moving out of Baltimore, graduating from trade school as a certified audio engineer, working as an assistant at a popular nightclub and working behind the scenes at shows for his favorite artists he now finds himself in a position to make the right moves with his main producer ZoBeatz by his side.

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