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Anton Pax is a melancholic and versatile hip hop artist/songwriter from San Diego. Strangely, he despised music growing up, and it wasn’t until he fell victim to the metal health issues that plague far too many teenagers today, that he began to appreciate its value. Anton found himself alone in a world where his only outlets seemed to lie in artists like Kid Cudi, NF and Twenty One Pilots.

Seeing and experiencing first hand the power and impact music can have on a person’s life, he began to visualize a career where he utilized that influence to help others. He started to record his own songs at the age of 18, where he expressed his darkest inner thoughts onto the mic. 2 years later, he is still as passionate as ever, striving to make a difference with his music. He know’s he has much to learn, but he shows great potential and has the drive to realize it.

His new tune, “NAIVE” is currently streaming on Soundcloud. When asked about the release, Anton Pax had this to say.

“Naive” Is a song I wrote as I unravelled the dilemmas I struggled with in the past, particularly with women. I recollected on how toxic the relationships I was in were, and how desperate I was to be validated by anyone. The chorus of the song essentially describes a scenario I found myself in, where a girl threatens self harm as a means for attention and manipulation. I go into further detail explaining how broken I felt saying “no repairing me.” The lyrics touch upon a few different people I’ve known in my life and parts of it are even directed at myself.

All my life I’ve been my own worst enemy and gotten in the way of myself. As I continued to write and examine my past, I couldn’t help but realize how naive I was through it all. That of course inspired the title and I think offers a valuable lesson. Sometimes we’re so enveloped in our emotions, the truth doesn’t seem obvious until it’s far too late. For that reason, I close the song with the outro stating “does it matter at all? will you be there when I fall? or will it all be my fault? too many faces are false, I know.” Here, I’m trying to convey that “false faces,” or enticing paths are everywhere, and while they may seem right in the moment, it’s important to really examine what we’re getting ourselves into.

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