Arkforest – $weeney Tødd @arkforestmusic


“$weeney Tødd” from Arkforest is a joke song about cannibalism. Well, that’s the simple explanation. The premise is one of Arkforest’s personas is egging on another persona to rap about cannibalism, while two more personas are “having sex” in a room next door. He manages to deliver not one, but two epic raps of different styles, simultaneously shocking and impressing everyone who heard it. It is a good song to get down to in the club and at parties.

Arkforest is a songwriter, singer, rapper, vocalist, producer, instrumentalist and gamer from Brisbane, Australia, who specialises in rap, electronic and heavy metal styles of music. His style varies wildly from very calm to very aggressive and sometimes very comical. His frequent subjects of interest in his music are either taboo, comical or realistic, ranging from methamphetamine in his song, “Shard”, and cannibalism in his song, “$weeney Tødd”, to Worcestershire sauce in his song, “Worcestershire Sauce Has Anchovies In It”, and love in his songs, “Deux Danses” and “Ashley Madison”.

His biggest musical influences include XXXTENTACION, Slipknot, Australian metalcore band Northlane and also electronic music producers including Arkasia from Paris, France, and Yuzo Koshiro from Japan. He has also collaborated with Milwaukee rapper GGC TarXan, who released his mixtape, “My Time”, in September of 2019. Look forward to hearing two of his forthcoming new songs, “Ugly Bastard” and “Sand Castle”, which have a strong EDM influence in their production yet still featuring rapping, and many more to come.

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