ATLANTA XAY – Neighbors @atlantaXay


“Neighbors” is the lead single from ATLANTA XAY’s “Venus” EP released March 29th. The Monte Booker produced track takes listeners on a smooth yet energetic journey through a night of seemingly endless anticipation of waiting on his girlfriend to get home. Xay’s pen game is golden and as slick as any others in the game. Every word, line, and metaphor is with concise intent and hits everytime.

Hailing from the storied east side, ATLANTA XAY is a multi-faceted artist/producer/engineer/songwriter with a pen game that has been long absent and desperately missed by listeners. Coming up in Stone Mountain, Xay found himself consumed in the raw, unapologetic story telling of hip-hop legends like T.I., Outkast, and Lil Wayne. The charismatic delivery of artists like these gave Xay an outlet that he never had before. In the ninth grade, Xay and two of his friends, stage names Zaia and Lord Bones, started recording their music out of the school library, which is where music became a burning passion rather than a casual hobby. By this point, Xay found himself emerged in a world of ever-changing sound, from the new wavelengths of heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad, to exploring back to his roots of Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, and the Isley Brothers.

A recent grad of Full Sail University, Xay continues to fine tune his craft by blending the sounds of a southern bounce mixed with influences from various cultures and genres, creating a sound that is as easy to find yourself singing along as it is refreshing.

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